From an early age, Leon Kluge has nurtured a great affinity for plants; his grandfather was the curator of the Betty’s Bay Botanical Garden and his father was the curator of the Lowveld National Botanical Garden, while his mother owns and runs a renowned wholesale nursery in Nelspruit.

On completing his Degree in landscape technology in 2002 he worked on the main display garden at Marvadesh Givatt Brenner Nursery in Israel. From there he progressed to become the head landscape designer for Societe Nel Import and Export Company in Mayotte, Comores Islands. After his return from the Comores, Leon started the award-winning Fever Tree Nursery in Nelspruit. Leon has designed and installed gardens ranging in size from immense commercial landscaping to small residential gardens.

Leon shines in the competitive arena. His love of utilizing unusual plants in his designs led to his inclusion in the South African team that worked their magic at the 2010, 2012 and 2013 Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea flower show in London. He also worked as the main designer for the COP 17 Legacy Garden on the main display in the Durban Botanical Gardens in 2011. This garden is a 20 m dia x 10 m high Living bee-hive vertical garden. A great moment for Leon was when he exhibited his design at the Gardening World Cup in Nagasaki, Japan 2011 and 2012, and received a silver medal for South Africa on both occasions.

His speciality though are vertical gardens- on any scale. The first commercial vertical garden design he spearheaded was for a multi-storey office building in Maputo, Mozambique. His designs (some of which are found in the South African holiday homes Hollywood personalities) have since been published in more than 100 local publications, and his vertical gardens were also published in various coffee table books by an international publishing company.

Currently Leon is designing a range of public landscapes that promise to make headlines. These gardens will encompass sustainability and will give back to the community. Another impressive feat is a landscaping project in Johannesburg which forms part of a sustainable, green residential project. In this design the garden forms an integral part of not only the changing vertical aesthetics, but also the micro climates around the house, which protects the house from heat and preconditions the air around it. This important integration between buildings & nature to reduce electricity and water consumption is the key to successful green living.

Leon Kluge has become synonymous with modern contemporary landscaping and garden design. His passion for horticulture and design takes him all over the world, and judging by his reputation in places like Japan, London, The Comores Island, Israel, Namibia and Mozambique, the sky truly is the limit.